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Abstract: “Opera – “The Verism”, “Madama Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini. Cio-Cio-San”s scores, her behavior, her relations with other characters, the importance of the Japanese tradition are some of the main reference points of the main character; Puccini said about this opera that it is the most modernistic of all his works. “The impressionism” makes a short presentation of the evolution of impressionism from Debussy to Ravel. From Ravel’s work I have chosen “L’Enfant et les sortileges” (The child and the charms),and the objects that around him seem to take life.“Domnita din departari” (The far away lady) was composed by Mansi Barberis (1899-1988). The first night of the opera took place in Iasi, in 1976 and it is based on the medieval Frech story “Le Princesse lointaine” by Edmond Rostand. Lady Gerilinda is the main character of the opera. The character Gerilinda has got abstract and mythological dimensions.The fith subchapter, “The Expressionism”, focuses on the desire for the emancipation of the musical expression, the emotional tension, the subjectivity of a troubled era. Alban Berg by his opera “Wozzek” with lyrics by Georg Buechner, strengthens a stylistic, aesthetic and composition epoch.

KeywordsThe Verism, the Impressionism, the Expressionism, the emancipation of the musical expression, the most modernistic.

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