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Abstract: The present article deals with some aspects regarding the voice performing in lieds, first of all from the composer’s point of view. The way voice is approached by the composer of lieds is essential, that is why the authour tries to give some points of view as a result of his experience in creating such music. Further on, we discussed the way voice in lieds is considered from the perspective of the interpreter. A correct understanding of the text, a good pronunciation, the transmission of direct and subtle messages to the audience, assuming the posistion of various „characters”, all represent aspects that should be the focus of attention for the interpreter. In the end, the author presents with arguments his own opinions regarding the „opera” and the „lied” voices, their interferences, their differences, pointing out the responsibilities the one who „possess” such a voice should have.

Keywordsvoice, lied, opera, text, melody, rhythm, composer, interpreter, articulation, suppleness, character.

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